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The MIT Informatics Tournament, is the premier programming competition for high school and college students hosted by students at MIT.

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Who Are We?
The MIT Informatics Tournament, M(IT)^2, is a programming competition for high school and college students hosted by students at MIT. Through our tournament, we strive to promote a hub of passionate competitive programmers anchored at MIT.

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Q + A
Everybody is eligible to compete in M(IT)^2!

We will divide contestants into different age groups, such as the pre-college division, college division, and post-college division, and give out the prizes accordingly. Regardless of your division, you will have the opportunity to try out our problems live during the contest window.
The Spring Invitational Contest will be split into the qualification round and the finalist round. Unlike our January contest, the contestants will be competing and solving the contest problems individually. The qualification round is about two hours. The top performers will then be flown in (all expenses paid by us!) to MIT and compete in the final round in person. For more information about the format and schedule, please check out our Logistics Page.
The qualification round will be held online, where everyone can participate in regardless of their physical location. We will then fly in the top contestants to MIT in person for the final round.
If you have any more questions about the tournament or anything related to M(IT)^2, please feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected]!

Thank you to these organizations for making our contest possible!

Interested in supporting M(IT)^2? Check out our prospectus or contact us at [email protected].

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For any more inquiries, email us at [email protected]

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